Trickle 1.0

Trickle 1.0

Trickle is the AI-driven workspace blending your notes, tasks, and knowledge base — for you and your team. Get inspired, write faster, and work smarter directly in Trickle with the power of GPT-4.

🤖 What can Trickle AI do?

– Access the AI assistant anywhere in your workspace while you’re writing.

– Save your time by helping you write faster and better.

– Help you brainstorm ideas. Never get stuck while writing the first draft.

– Allow multiple users to engage with an AI assistant in context.

– Ask the AI to do anything: translate, fix grammar/spelling, summarize, and more.

Top Features:
  1. Build roadmaps, tasks, and resource hubs tailored to your needs.
  2. Create beautiful notes, documents, and wikis and easily share them with your team.
  3. Keep everyone on the same page with announcements and shared knowledge.
  4. Foster focused conversations to eliminate unnecessary noise.
  5. Curate content from scratch and extract information with the power of AI.





AI-driven Workspace GPT-4 AI Assistant Save time Brainstorm ideas translate Fix grammar summarize

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It seamlessly blends my notes, tasks, and knowledge base in one place, making it incredibly easy for me to access everything I need. I find myself getting inspired and writing faster than ever before.

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By Rishit