Trickle 1.0

Trickle 1.0

Trickle is an AI-powered tool that rescues you from the chaos of managing screenshots. With Trickle, you can easily upload and organize your screenshots, transforming them into accessible and insightful memories. The AI capabilities of Trickle go beyond simple text extraction, using GPT-4 Vision to decode the essence of your captures. It offers AI-generated summaries for each screenshot, making it easier to find the information you need. From decluttering your camera roll to providing extra insights, Trickle is your quick-recall sidekick in turning your digital chaos into gold.

Top Features:
  1. Organize and Declutter: Upload your screenshots to Trickle and keep them organized in one place eliminating the clutter in your camera roll.

  2. AI-Generated Summaries: Receive insightful summaries for each uploaded screenshot making it easier to find valuable information.

  3. Retrieve and Interact: Easily browse search and ask Trickle to provide extra insights allowing you to retrieve and interact with your saved screenshots effortlessly.

  4. GPT-4 Vision Integration: Trickle goes beyond simple text extraction decoding the essence of your captures using the powerful capabilities of GPT-4 Vision.

  5. Transform Chaos into Value: With Trickle you can transform your scattered information into accessible and valuable insights driving your knowledge forward with AI.





AI-driven Workspace
AI Assistant
Save time
Brainstorm ideas
Fix grammar

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Overall Rating:

5.0 🏆


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Overall rating

It seamlessly blends my notes, tasks, and knowledge base in one place, making it incredibly easy for me to access everything I need. I find myself getting inspired and writing faster than ever before.

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