ZeroGPT stands out as the premier destination for AI detection, setting the gold standard in safeguarding digital landscapes. With cutting-edge algorithms and advanced machine learning models, excels in identifying and mitigating artificial intelligence-generated content. Its user-friendly interface empowers individuals and organizations to effortlessly scan and analyze online content, distinguishing between human and AI-generated text. The platform's accuracy and efficiency make it an indispensable tool for combating misinformation, ensuring a trustworthy digital environment.'s commitment to staying ahead of evolving AI technologies positions it as the go-to resource for those seeking to maintain the integrity of online discourse and content.

Top Features:
  1. Highlighted Sentences: Every sentence written by AI is highlighted, with a gauge showing the percentage of AI inside the text

  2. Batch files processing in the background: Simply upload multiple files at once, and they will get checked automatically in the dashboard

  3. High accuracy ai text detection model: Advanced and premium model, trained on all languages to provide highly accurate results

  4. Automatically generated pdf report: Automatically generated .pdf reports for every detection, used as a proof of AI-Free plagiarism

  5. High Accuracy AI Detection in all languages: Support all the languages with the highest accuracy rate of detection


1) What is the accuracy rate of ZeroGPT?

After analyzing more than 10M articles and text, some generated by AI and others written by humans, we developed ZeroGPT's algorithm with an accuracy rate of text detection up to 98%. Our AI text detector tool uses DeepAnalyse™ Technology to identify the origin of your text. Our experiments are still ongoing, and our aim is to analyze more articles and text, and converge to an error rate lower than 2%.

2) Who Benefits from ZeroGPT's AI content detector?

Students, teachers, educators, writers, employees, freelancers, copywriters and everyone on earth may find ZeroGPT a very useful solution to detect AI output text.

3) Will my text get plagiarized or be available online, if I check it on ZeroGPT?

The Privacy of our users is our top concern. When you input and check your text on ZeroGPT, your text will not be saved, shared or be available online. And we will not use your text to train our AI detection model.

4) How can I integrate ZeroGPT tool in my organization or website on a large scale?

You are a company, university or educational institution, organization, writing or content creation agency, ... Contact us via email using this link to discuss in detail about your needs and how we can integrate ZeroGPT into your organization. We provide access to our private API through our Paid Professional plans customized based on our clients' needs.

5) Does ZeroGPT work with different languages?

ZeroGPT has a worldwide usage with multilingual users. It detects AI text output in all the available languages.




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