1PhotoAI is an AI tool that generates professional-quality headshot photos in just 10 seconds.

It offers a wide range of photo styles to choose from, including passport, boudoir, street style, professional headshots, glamour, travel, LinkedIn, polaroid, Tinder, swimsuit, fitness, cyberpunk, cosplay, Instagram, nightlife, music festival, and more.

Top Features:
  1. Generate beautiful AI photos from just one selfie in 10 seconds

  2. Your data deserves the best protection. We encrypt all sensitive user data.

  3. 1PhotoAI will never sell your data to any third party.


1) What is 1PhotoAI?

1PhotoAI revolutionizes the way you create personalized images. With just a single photo, this cutting-edge platform leverages advanced artificial intelligence to generate professional headshots from over 1000 styles. Ideal for enhancing your social media presence, enriching business profiles, or personal use.

2) What type of photos should I upload?

To ensure the best results, you should upload a clear upper-body close-up selfie. Please avoid uploading low-resolution photos, group photos, photos with other people, glasses, hats, or any images where the face is obscured or not visible.

3) How long will it take to take an AI photo?

Based on the current processing time, it takes approximately 10 seconds to generate one AI photo.

4) How do you use my photos?

Your photos are used only for internal AI processing. We do not and will not share them with any third parties or anyone without your permission. We take privacy concerns seriously.

5) Is the payment service secure?

Absolutely, our payment service is secure. We entrust all financial processing to Stripe and do not retain any of your card details. Stripe guarantees security standards on par with those of banks.




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