AdBuilder revolutionizes the recruitment process by offering an AI-driven solution for crafting job advertisements. This innovative tool allows recruiters to quickly generate job ads that are fully optimized for job boards. With AdBuilder, you can create high-quality, SEO-structured job adverts in just 11 seconds, significantly increasing the chance of attracting suitable candidates by up to 47%.

The service simplifies the job advertising tasks, saving recruiters valuable time to focus on relationship-building and ultimately helping agencies to fill more positions and increase their revenue. AdBuilder is a game-changer for recruitment agencies, making job advertisement writing a breeze and ensuring the ads are optimized for both visibility and performance. With features like job description mining, optimization for SEO, and the ability to upload and confirm job details followed by instant ad generation, AdBuilder streamlines the creation of job adverts and enhances the efficiency of hiring processes.

Top Features:
  1. Fast Ad Creation: Build job-board-ready adverts in just seconds.

  2. Advert Quality Improvement: Generates properly structured, SEO-optimized job adverts.

  3. Enhanced Productivity: Frees up recruiter's time for more valuable relationship-building activities.

  4. Increased Revenue: Fills more roles effectively, resulting in higher returns for recruitment agencies.

  5. User-Friendly Process: Easy to use ad creation flow consisting of uploading, confirming details, generating, and publishing steps.


1) How does AdBuilder work?

AdBuilder works by allowing recruiters to upload a job description, confirm specific job details, generate the job advert, and then tweak and publish the final output to preferred job boards or multiposters.

2) How much time can be saved using AdBuilder?

Recruiters save hours of time by generating job adverts in 11 seconds instead of writing them out manually.

3) How does AdBuilder improve the quality of job adverts?

AdBuilder helps to improve the quality of job adverts by ensuring they are properly structured and fully optimized for SEO, which can increase applications to the roles advertised by up to 47%.

4) How can I get started with AdBuilder?

You can get started with AdBuilder by requesting a demo on their website to see how the tool can benefit your business.

5) How does AdBuilder contribute to a recruitment agency making more money?

Besides providing time savings and quality improvements, AdBuilder helps create better adverts, which lead to more relevant applications and job positions being filled more quickly, thereby increasing agency revenue.




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