AI hairstyles

AI hairstyles

Discover a new way to experiment with your look right from the comfort of your home with AI Hairstyles. Our innovative platform allows you to visualize yourself with any hairstyle and color in just seconds. With the "find out what suits me" pack, access 480 different style options ranging from trendy afros to sleek buns and bold undercuts. Get the perfect visual before making a commitment to a new haircut or color – all it takes is one selfie!

AI Hairstyles offers an easy-to-use interface that works with just one selfie, although you can upload up to four photos for different angles. Mask your hair and around your face to let our AI work its magic, giving you the chance to see long hairstyles as well. Once done, choose your desired style or try them all, and you'll receive your images via email.

The platform is equipped with a flexible credit system: each style costs one credit, and the credits come with attractive packages that don't expire. You can use the images for yourself or experiment with different styles for friends and family as well. AI Hairstyles is committed to your data privacy and allows you to delete all data from your profile at any time.

For barbers and salon owners, AI Hairstyles provides a branded landing page service, enabling your customers to engage interactively with different hairstyles. Our tool is designed for inclusivity, working with various female styles and accommodating different ethnicities and races. In case of any dissatisfaction, our responsive customer support is ready to assist with adjustments or refunds.

Embrace the future of hairstyle exploration today with AI Hairstyles – start your journey to finding the perfect hairdo now!

Top Features:
  1. User-Friendly Interface: Easy uploading and visualizing with just one selfie.

  2. Diverse Hairstyles: Wide range of styles and colors for men and women.

  3. Flexible Credit System: Affordable and versatile credit packages for style selections.

  4. Privacy Control: Full autonomy over your data and account privacy.

  5. Inclusive Design: Suitable for various gender styles ethnicities and races.





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Virtual Hairstyling
Hairstyle Visualization
Selfie Transformation
Interactive Hair Tool


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