Unlock new heights of productivity with AuTool, the AI-powered desktop plugin system designed for efficient workflow automation. Discover the ease of integrating AI into your daily tasks with one-click image segmentation, intelligent text generation using GPT, and creative image generation utilizing stable diffusion models. Connect and streamline your desktop and web applications for a seamless workflow experience, while the adaptable plugin system fosters compatibility with various cloud services, enhancing work efficiency like never before.

With AuTool's user-friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI), creating a workflow assistant is as simple as composing a few lines of JSON code. Enjoy the support and camaraderie of the AuTool community on Discord, and access a rich repository of workflow scripts to propel your project forward. Whether you're troubleshooting on GitHub Issues or seeking direct assistance, AuTool is backed by the trusted expertise of Alibaba Group and Ant Group Co. Ltd.

Top Features:
  1. Easy Integration: Connect desktop and web apps to build a comprehensive workflow.

  2. Plugin System: Seamlessly operate with cloud services to elevate work efficiency.

  3. One-Click AI Assistance: Perform image segmentation text generation and more with a single click.

  4. Easy GUI: Construct a GUI workflow assistant swiftly with minimal JSON coding.

  5. Community Support: Engage with the AuTool Community on Discord for resources and help.





Workflow Automation
Desktop Plugin System
Cloud Services Integration
Graphical User Interface


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