CoachPoints AI

CoachPoints AI

CoachPoints AI revolutionizes team coaching by offering an intuitive AI-powered platform designed to simplify the coaching process for people managers. By providing a user-friendly dashboard, CoachPoints AI enables managers to effortlessly add team members, track their performance trajectory, and record coaching inputs, all in one place.

Its advanced LLM AI technology generates personalized coaching plans complete with practical mini exercises tailored to each team member's areas for improvement. This dynamic co-pilot system ensures relevant on-the-job coaching, leading to enhanced work performance, relationships, and team engagement. With plans suitable for different team sizes and needs, CoachPoints AI is the perfect solution for fostering a culture of continuous growth and professional development within any organization.

Top Features:
  1. Easy Team Addition: Quickly add teammates and define their roles and performance trajectories on a responsive dashboard.

  2. Consolidated Coaching Inputs: Capture and store all coaching notes in one location, allowing for efficient management and retrieval.

  3. One-click Personalized Coaching: Leverage AI to create personalized coaching plans with actionable mini exercises tailored to each individual's needs.

  4. Comprehensive Performance View: Gain a holistic view of your team's performance, making it easier to identify areas of success and opportunities for growth.

  5. Cross-platform Accessibility: Access team information and use coaching tools from both web and mobile interfaces for on-the-go management.


1) How does CoachPoints AI simplify the coaching process for managers?

CoachPoints AI simplifies the coaching process by providing a dashboard where managers can easily add team members, track their performance, and generate personalized AI-powered coaching plans with actionable items.

2) What kind of coaching inputs can be added to CoachPoints AI?

Managers can note down various coaching inputs such as rough points on team members' trajectory, what’s going well, what can be improved, and segregate inputs by skill with detailed examples.

3) Can CoachPoints AI's coaching plans be tailored to individual team members?

Yes, CoachPoints AI leverages AI to create personalized coaching plans for each team member based on the specific inputs provided by their manager.

4) Is CoachPoints AI accessible on mobile devices?

Yes, CoachPoints AI is designed to be accessible on both web and mobile platforms, enabling managers to stay connected and coach their team from anywhere.

5) What are the benefits of using CoachPoints AI for team coaching?

The benefits of using CoachPoints AI include easier addition and removal of team members, personalized AI-driven coaching plans, practical exercises for team growth, and a reduction in the time needed to prepare for coaching sessions.




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