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What is OnTheFly?

OnTheFly, is an ideal streaming platform to live stream, record, edit, and share pre-recorded video content from one site to multiple social media networks with low latency. Content creators, businesses can highly benefit from its features.



What is Elai?

Elai.io offers an unparalleled experience in AI video generation, enabling users to create high-quality, professional videos featuring real people with minimal effort and no need for prior editing expertise. This innovative platform stands out with its intuitive interface, making video production accessible to everyone, regardless of their technical background. With a diverse set of features, including custom avatars, avatar dialogs, and interactivity options, Elai.io is perfect for various applications like learning and development, marketing, and personalized customer communication.

Elai's cutting-edge technology like AI Storyboard and voice cloning further enhances the video creation process, offering an efficient solution for transforming text or Powerpoint presentations into engaging video content. Additionally, Elai.io supports numerous languages and boasts an extensive template library to jumpstart your video projects. The straightforward editing tools, a versatile avatars library, and the ability to integrate personal branding elements ensure that every video aligns perfectly with your brand or personal style.

OnTheFly Upvotes


Elai Upvotes


OnTheFly Top Features

  • Livestreaming

  • Multistreaming

  • Studio

  • Own branding

Elai Top Features

  • Custom Avatar: Personalize videos with a custom avatar tailored to your brand or message.

  • Elai Editor: An intuitive video editing suite that simplifies content creation.

  • Languages and Templates: Wide-ranging language support and pre-designed templates streamline video production.

  • Auto Translation and Voice Cloning: Break language barriers and use cloned voices to add a personal touch to videos.

  • API and Integration Capabilities: Extend functionality and personalize interactions through Elai.io's robust API.

OnTheFly Category

    Video Generation

Elai Category

    Video Generation

OnTheFly Pricing Type


Elai Pricing Type


OnTheFly Technologies Used

Machine learning

Elai Technologies Used


OnTheFly Tags


Elai Tags

AI Video Generator
Intuitive Video Creation
Custom Avatars
Professional-Grade Videos
Video Editing Platform

OnTheFly Average Rating


Elai Average Rating

No rating available

OnTheFly Reviews

Oliviya KJeffery
OnTheFly has transformed my fitness influencer journey. It offers seamless live streaming to multiple platforms, ensuring my workouts reach a wide audience. The crystal-clear video and audio quality enhances the viewer experience. I appreciate the option to schedule live sessions and engage in real-time chats, fostering a strong fitness community. OnTheFly has become an essential tool for me, helping me connect and inspire others in the fitness world.
Krithika Selvam
In my recent live session, I had the chance to delve into a wide array of branding and podcast management features, which were exactly what I needed. The platform's pre-built tools made it incredibly easy to initiate an impromptu live podcast across various social platforms. The process of inviting guests and co-hosts went smoothly, and the entire podcast setup was a quick and straightforward endeavor, demanding minimal time and effort on my part.
Pavithara Kumar
Onthefly's feature that truly captures my attention is the ability to engage in live discussions through real-time chat and conduct polls to enhance video engagement. I appreciate the option to seamlessly incorporate branding elements into my content, which safeguards the integrity of my exclusive material.

Elai Reviews

No reviews available

Which one is better? OnTheFly or Elai?

When we compare OnTheFly with Elai, which are both AI-powered video generation tools, The users have made their preference clear, Elai leads in upvotes. Elai has 28 upvotes, and OnTheFly has 6 upvotes.

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