OnTheFly, is an ideal streaming platform to live stream, record, edit, and share pre-recorded video content from one site to multiple social media networks with low latency. Content creators, businesses can highly benefit from its features.

Top Features:
  1. Livestreaming

  2. Multistreaming

  3. Studio

  4. Own branding





Tech used:

Machine learning

Overall Rating:

4.5 🏆


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Overall rating

OnTheFly has transformed my fitness influencer journey. It offers seamless live streaming to multiple platforms, ensuring my workouts reach a wide audience. The crystal-clear video and audio quality enhances the viewer experience. I appreciate the option to schedule live sessions and engage in real-time chats, fostering a strong fitness community. OnTheFly has become an essential tool for me, helping me connect and inspire others in the fitness world.
In my recent live session, I had the chance to delve into a wide array of branding and podcast management features, which were exactly what I needed. The platform's pre-built tools made it incredibly easy to initiate an impromptu live podcast across various social platforms. The process of inviting guests and co-hosts went smoothly, and the entire podcast setup was a quick and straightforward endeavor, demanding minimal time and effort on my part.
Onthefly's feature that truly captures my attention is the ability to engage in live discussions through real-time chat and conduct polls to enhance video engagement. I appreciate the option to seamlessly incorporate branding elements into my content, which safeguards the integrity of my exclusive material.
OnTheFly is a game-changer for live streaming. The user-friendly interface and robust features make it a breeze to go live across multiple platforms. The video and audio quality are outstanding, ensuring a professional and engaging experience. The ability to record live streams is a valuable bonus. OnTheFly has become my go-to platform for seamless and high-quality live content delivery.

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