GuestLab is a cutting-edge AI-driven research assistant designed to transform the way podcast hosts prepare for their episodes. It provides a seamless and efficient research experience, generating AI-crafted summaries from over 3.5 million podcast episodes. With GuestLab, podcast hosts can leverage AI to create engaging intros, uncover interesting topics, and formulate insightful questions based on a guest's LinkedIn profile.

Say goodbye to the lengthy research process, as GuestLab can significantly shorten the time spent on preparation, allowing hosts to focus on delivering compelling interviews.

The tool is a valuable asset for both novice and professional podcasters, offering tiered subscription plans suitable for individuals and agencies. Guests' online presence is transformed into valuable conversation starters, ensuring every episode is enriched with deep and thought-provoking content.

Top Features:
  1. AI-Driven Research: Quickly generates intros, topics, and questions using guest's LinkedIn profiles.

  2. Time-Saving: Accelerates guest research, allowing hosts to focus more on interviewing.

  3. Deep Insights: Uncovers hidden topics and angles about the guest for a richer interview.

  4. Thought-Provoking Questions: Transforms insights into engaging questions for lively podcast episodes.

  5. Flexible Subscription Plans: Offers different levels of service to fit the needs of both new and professional podcasters.


1) What is GuestLab?

GuestLab is an AI-driven guest research assistant for podcast hosts that generates summaries, intros, topics, and questions from podcast episodes and a guest's LinkedIn profile.

2) Can I pre-order GuestLab, and is there a free version available?

Yes, you can pre-order GuestLab and they currently offer a free forever plan as well as monthly and yearly subscription options.

3) How does GuestLab help podcast hosts?

GuestLab AI scrapes your guests' LinkedIn profiles to speed up research and assist podcast hosts in confidently interviewing guests.

4) Are there different subscription plans available for different types of podcasters?

Yes, GuestLab has plans for both new and professional podcasters, ranging from a free plan to premium subscriptions suitable for agencies.

5) How can I get support from GuestLab?

You can contact GuestLab's support through email or take advantage of the 24/7/365 support included with the Pro and Premium subscription plans.





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