Validly is leading the charge into a new era of user research with innovative AI agents designed to simplify complex processes. These AI research assistants are revolutionizing the field by conducting user interviews autonomously, providing businesses with the opportunity to obtain valuable insights without the traditional hassle and overhead of manual methods. With the ability to perform hundreds of interviews simultaneously, Validly offers scalability and efficiency, significantly reducing the time, effort, and costs that typically impede research processes.

Not only does Validly streamline the interview process, but it also guarantees intelligent outcomes. Trained by expert researchers, these AI agents work around the clock, continuously harvesting rich insights and delivering them without supervision. Moreover, with a strong commitment to privacy and security, Validly ensures that all user data remains protected, adhering to the highest standards of data security in the industry. Get started today and join the ranks of over 500 product teams with early access to this transformative research tool.

Top Features:
  1. Efficient Scaling: Conduct hundreds of user interviews simultaneously without manual effort.

  2. Automatic Insights: AI research agents trained by veteran researchers gather and deliver insights 24/7.

  3. Data Security: A commitment to the highest data security standards to protect user information.

  4. Intelligent Extraction: Continuous and automated extraction of rich insights unsupervised.

  5. User Research Simplified: Streamlined user research processes making it accessible and uncomplicated.





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