TXYZ.AI is an advanced AI-enhanced platform dedicated to revolutionizing the research pipeline by providing a suite of tools that streamline reading, searching, and writing tasks. This platform is engineered to integrate all paths to knowledge, delivering unparalleled efficiency for researchers. Features such as AI-enhanced research capability, personalized daily paper recommendations, natural language search, and a comprehensive all-in-one research library, cater to a diverse array of research needs, from academic to industry-specific inquiries.

Whether extracting summaries from academic papers, managing personal research libraries, or seeking knowledge for R&D, TXYZ.AI offers seamless interactions for instant insights. Recognized and trusted by over half a million researchers, the platform also assures reliability with fact-based AI responses and provides an API service for seamless integration into existing systems.

TXYZ.AI is the future of AI platforms for research and development, offering tools and services to catalyze innovation and knowledge sharing.

Top Features:
  1. AI-Enhanced Reading: Extract summaries and have insightful conversations with an AI research assistant.

  2. Personalized Daily Papers: Receive recommendations tailored to your preferred research topics.

  3. Natural Language Search: Use your own words to search without keyword constraints.

  4. All-in-One Research Library: Preserve and manage research documents and ideas in a personal library.

  5. Scale Invariant Information Retrieval: Utilize an algorithm tailored for research document retrieval across broad or specific queries.


1) How do researchers use TXYZ?

Researchers utilize TXYZ to discover papers, speed up tasks, gain insights through AI, manage their research library, and acquire new domain knowledge.

2) Can TXYZ be used for tasks other than reading research papers?

TXYZ goes beyond reading papers and is versatile for academic research, industry R&D, market research, training, knowledge sharing, and more.

3) Is there an API available for integration?

Yes, an API is available to seamlessly integrate TXYZ services into companies, research labs, and educational institutions.

4) How reliable are the answers in TXYZ?

TXYZ enhances accuracy and reduces hallucination by refining the retrieval algorithm and attaching document location references to responses.

5) What happens to documents uploaded to TXYZ?

Uploaded documents to TXYZ remain private, are not shared without consent, and are removed from the database once deleted.





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Academic Research
Industry R&D
Market Research
Natural Language Search

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