Hydra by Rightsify

Hydra by Rightsify

Hydra by Rightsify is a game-changing tool that empowers businesses, creators, and artists to craft high-quality music easily with just text prompts. It doesn't matter if you're not musically inclined or lack a background in music; Hydra makes music creation accessible to everyone. Using a specialized training from a 60k track subset of Rightsify's vast library, music generated by Hydra is perfect for commercial use. This means your creations can accompany anything from videos to films, gaming, TV shows, album releases, and more.

Hydra II takes it a step further by offering the ability to produce AI music at scale across any genre. Say goodbye to copyright issues and the hassle of music licenses forever. Hydra II is built on a dataset from Rightsify that includes over 1 million songs and 50,000 hours of music, covering 800+ instruments and available in over 50 languages. This version not only provides a vast range of musical possibilities but also gives creators enhanced control over their outputs with an advanced suite of editing tools. From Remix Infinity and Multi-Lingual support to Intro/Fade Out, Loop, Mastering, Stem Separation, and audio trimming, Hydra II equips you with everything you need to tailor your music precisely how you want it.

Furthermore, Rightsify's certification by Fairly Trained underscores a steadfast commitment to ethical AI practices and responsible innovation. With Hydra and Hydra II, creating music that stands out and fits your commercial needs has never been easier or more ethical. Whether you're looking to enrich your creative projects or require music for professional use, Hydra by Rightsify offers an unparalleled solution.

Top Features:
  1. Extensive Training: Built on a dataset of 60k songs, featuring over 300 unique musical instruments.

  2. Powerful Technology: Utilizing Nvidia A100 GPUs for unparalleled performance.

  3. Instrumentals Only: Hydra focuses on instrumental music, generating audio in 24 bit WAVs and 44.100khz.

  4. Customization: Generate music from 10 seconds to 2 minutes in length.

  5. For Artists: Generate custom samples and loops to inspire and enhance productivity.

  6. Versatility: Create sound effects like white noise, binaural beats, rain, and ocean sounds.


1) What is Hydra?

Rightsify’s advanced AI music generation model for generating unique, copyright-cleared instrumental music and sound effects.

2) Can I use the music generated for commercial purposes?

Absolutely. All music generated is cleared for commercial use under Rightsify’s copyrights.

3) How detailed should my prompts be?

The more detailed, the better. Specify genre, instrumentation, key, tempo, and context for optimal results. You can even add keywords for context such as activities, moods, energy and more.

4) Can Hydra generate music based on existing songs or melodies provided by users?

No, Hydra cannot generate music based on existing songs or melodies. It was trained exclusively on Rightsify-owned catalog. Rightsify is committed to respecting copyright, and the Hydra dataset is limited to Rightsify’s data to ensure the uniqueness and legality of the generated music.

5) Is there a limit to the number of times a track generated by Hydra can be used commercially?

There is no limit on the commercial use of music generated by Hydra. Users can utilize each output as many times as they wish in any commercial project, providing great flexibility for business and creative endeavors.

6) How do I access the API?

API access is customized based on the use case. Interested users should register for API access.




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Tech used:

Machine Learning
Custom LLM
Styled Components


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