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Inbox Zero

Unlock a clutter-free email experience with Inbox Zero, your ultimate solution to managing a bloated inbox swiftly and effectively. Designed to revolutionize email management, Inbox Zero offers a suite of powerful tools, including a newsletter cleaner, AI automation, a cold email blocker, and comprehensive email analytics. Its user-friendly interface allows you to easily unsubscribe from undesired emails or auto-archive them with just a click, making it the quickest way to reach that satisfying state of "inbox zero."

Curate your inbox by prioritizing who to unsubscribe from based on the volume and frequency of received marketing emails. Implement Gmail filters within the tool for a seamless integration that enhances your existing email setup. Inbox Zero is also committed to privacy, being open-source, approved by Google, and offering the possibility of self-hosting.

With full control over your email interactions, you minimize distractions and enhance your productivity. Say goodbye to repetitive email responses; let Inbox Zero's AI agent take over with its smart automation capabilities. Block unwanted cold emails and keep your inbox focused on what truly matters.

Top Features:
  1. Newsletter Cleaner: Easily unsubscribe or auto-archive unwanted subscriptions.

  2. AI Automation: Smart automation for replying, forwarding, or archiving emails.

  3. Cold Email Blocker: Advanced filtering to block unsolicited cold emails.

  4. Email Analytics: Insightful analytics to monitor sender frequency and manage your inbox.

  5. Privacy and Security: Open-source code and Google-approved security measures.


1) Do you store my emails?

Inbox Zero stores a hashed version of your emails for analytics features. You can review the open-source code or choose to self-host for full privacy.

2) Is the code open-source?

Yes, the code is entirely open-source and available in our GitHub repository.

3) Do you take feature requests?

Absolutely, you can post a feature request on GitHub or contact us via email. User feedback is welcome!

4) Can I still use Inbox Zero alongside my current email client?

Inbox Zero is designed to complement your current email client seamlessly.

5) Which email providers does Inbox Zero support?

Currently, Inbox Zero supports Gmail and Gsuite email accounts. Support for other providers may be introduced in the future.




Email Management
Newsletter Cleaner
AI Automation
Cold Email Blocker
Email Analytics
Open Source
Gmail Filters

Tech used:

Vercel Analytics


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