Leia is an innovative platform designed to simplify the process of online presence creation for businesses. Utilizing advanced artificial intelligence, Leia offers a straightforward and fast solution, enabling users to establish a custom digital experience tailored to their needs in just 90 seconds. It begins with a user responding to a set of simple questions about their business. Based on this input, Leia constructs a personalized website complete with various sections such as "About," "Features," "Testimonials," and "Contact Us." Additionally, it provides users with the option to upload logos, select a domain, and even incorporate social media links for team members, thereby delivering a full-fledged digital identity almost instantaneously. The platform is designed for those seeking a hassle-free and efficient way to craft a professional online presence for their brand or service.

Top Features:
  1. Quick Website Creation: Create a custom website for your business in just 90 seconds.

  2. AI-Powered: Utilize artificial intelligence to tailor the digital experience for your customers.

  3. Customizable Sections: Add sections such as About, Features, Testimonials, and Contact Us, as needed.

  4. Logo and Domain Selection: Upload your logo and choose a preferred domain for your website.

  5. Social Media Integration: Easily include social media links for your team members.


1) How does Leia work?

Leia helps you create a custom, clean digital experience through a simplified process, where it asks you a series of simple questions based on your business.

2) Can I upload my own logo to my website on Leia?

Yes, Leia has a tool that allows you to upload your own logo to the website you create.

3) Can I use Leia to create a website for my e-commerce store?

The platform will enable you to sell products, book services, or both through your website, depending on your business needs.

4) Is it possible to add profile pictures for testimonials on my Leia website?

Yes, Leia can accommodate such requirements by adding profile images for the people who gave testimonials, should you wish to do so.

5) Can I choose my own domain name with Leia?

The platform is capable of creating websites with domain extensions like .site.live, and you can change your domain name later if you own a different domain.





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