NocoAI revolutionizes the deployment of GPT-based applications with its no-code, serverless platform, designed for simplicity and effectiveness. It empowers businesses to create custom models and API endpoints that cater to the client or backend needs. With NocoAI, you gain the ability to define prompt templates using the Mustache template engine, leading to highly personalized input for fine-tuning applications. The platform offers a unique feature enabling you to control OpenAI costs with request and user limits on your APIs, while the upcoming feature to analyze API usage promises an even more refined custom model optimization. Moreover, the NocoAI team stands ready to assist non-developers in adding datasets for further model fine-tuning via a user-friendly interface.

Top Features:
  1. No-Code Platform: Utilize a serverless environment to build and deploy GPT applications without coding.

  2. API Generation: Easily generate client or backend APIs with custom or inbuilt models.

  3. Template Customization: Define prompt templates and variables with the Mustache template engine for personalized API inputs.

  4. Cost Control: Implement request and user limits to manage OpenAI costs effectively.

  5. Non-Developer Friendly: Engage the NocoAI team for assistance in dataset addition and model fine-tuning.





Serverless Platform
GPT-3 Deployment
No-Code Backend
API Management
Custom Fine-Tuning


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