MAIA (My AI Assistant) is a revolutionary tool designed to make AI technology user-friendly, widely available, and economical. This innovative extension for Google Chrome allows users to easily transcribe and translate content, using voice commands which can be incredibly useful for creating accessible documents and facilitating communication.

With MAIA, you get an array of functions that can greatly enhance your productivity: summarizing content, generating texts, explaining complex topics, simplifying information, translating languages, and transcribing spoken words into text. MAIA's focus is on creating a seamless AI experience for everyone, ensuring that you only pay for the services you actually use. This flexible and efficient approach helps save money while offering top-notch AI capabilities. Adding MAIA to Chrome is a straightforward process, and once done, it is guaranteed to work everywhere you need it, on any web page you visit. Enhance your browser with MAIA now and start enjoying the full extent of practical AI assistance in your daily tasks.

Top Features:
  1. Usable: Tailored for ease-of-use, integrating seamlessly into daily workflows.

  2. Accessible: Designed to be utilized by a broad audience regardless of technical skill level.

  3. Affordable: Implements a pay-for-what-you-use model so users can manage costs effectively.

  4. Versatile: Offers a suite of tools including transcription, translation, summarization, and more.

  5. Everywhere: Works on any web page when added as a Google Chrome extension.


1) What is MAIA?

MAIA stands for My AI Assistant, and it's a personal AI extension that enhances productivity by providing tools like transcription and translation in Google Chrome.

2) How do I get MAIA on Chrome?

You can add MAIA to Google Chrome from the browser's extension marketplace, and it is available for free.

3) What can MAIA help me with?

MAIA offers several features such as summarizing content, text generation, explanation of complex topics, simplification of information, language translation, and speech transcription.

4) Where does MAIA work?

MAIA works on any web page after you add it to Google Chrome as an extension, providing assistance wherever you are online.

5) How does MAIA save me money?

With MAIA, you only pay for the specific features you use, which helps manage costs and makes it cost-effective for all users.





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