QuantPlus uses AI to optimize ads before launching them. Its breakthrough technology boosts ad performance by analyzing each element. Up to 300% more effective ads.

The only AI engine to analyse ad creative at the element level. Unlike multi variant testing platforms, we analyse historical data from already run campaigns.

We then go infinitely deeper deconstructing every element in every ad, and ranking them against performance data. Our world first technology helps marketers unlock the secrets of the highest-performing ad creatives in any industry and any country around the world.

Top Features:
  1. Start with the answers about what performs best
  2. Create hi-performing campaigns with ROI gains up of 300%+
  3. Save countless hours & dollars avoiding old optimisation methods
  4. Create successful ad campaigns for differing countries & cultures
1) Have other advertisers seen results?Yes, successful trials have seen improvements range from 33 - 300% ROI. These are available in case studies for the market to view.
2) Can you guarantee me better results using QuantPlus?Traditional creative is guesswork. Our data informs choice. The decisions you and your team then make creatively, will impact your campaigns success.
3) How recent is the report data?QuantPlus produce new reports annually, to ensure only the latest insights and trends.
4) Who are the Industry Country Reports for?They’re designed for anyone in the Education Industries launching ad campaigns globally.





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