ScreenApp is a comprehensive online tool for screen recording and transcription, designed to convert your digital content into a valuable reservoir of knowledge. This platform streamlines productivity and collaboration, making it an ideal choice for individuals and teams participating in online meetings, webinars, presentations, and virtual training sessions.

Key Features: Unlimited Recordings: ScreenApp offers the freedom of unlimited screen recordings with the option to include or exclude a webcam, desktop, microphone, and system audio. This feature is ideal for producing thorough instructional videos, interactive presentations, and detailed webinars.

Video Transcription: The platform transforms video content into written documents, providing a user-friendly way to review discussions and share key information from meetings or webinars.

GPT Enabled: ScreenApp utilizes advanced GPT AI technology to summarize, simplify, compare, and derive insights from your videos, making it a valuable tool for tech tutorials, training sessions, or any scenario where digesting complex information is crucial.

Secure Sharing and Storage: ScreenApp prioritizes the security of your content, allowing you to store recordings securely and share them with your team. With your permission, team members can access and edit your recordings, promoting a secure and collaborative working environment.

Cloud Storage: With ScreenApp's cloud backup feature, your recordings are safe and easily accessible. You can create and share a link to the recordings or access them later as needed.

Business Video Deployment: ScreenApp facilitates the deployment of asynchronous videos and screen recordings through a powerful, customizable platform. This feature ensures the reliable and secure sharing of high-quality business videos across your organization.

Knowledge Extraction from Transcription: The tool transcribes videos, enabling users to extract valuable insights and convert spoken words into written text. This opens up opportunities for creating accurate closed captions, analyzing customer feedback, and unearthing insights for market research.

AI Functionality: ScreenApp offers AI functionality capable of extracting information and insights from videos. This promotes collaboration, idea sharing, and informed decision-making within teams.

Use Cases: Online Meetings: Record and transcribe essential discussions from online meetings. Webinars and Presentations: Capture and transcribe content from webinars and presentations for future reference. Virtual Training: Use the screen recording and transcription features to facilitate effective virtual training sessions. Content Creation: Create engaging and informative videos for various purposes including education or marketing. ScreenApp provides free service for all users for up to an hour. To use, simply select your preferred layout and audio options, hit the record button, choose what to share, and start recording. To stop, simply press the record button again. Once recorded, videos can be located in the user's library where they can be edited, saved, and exported in MP4 or WebM format. Sharing videos is as simple as clicking 'Share' and distributing the link directly via email or copying the link for use elsewhere. ScreenApp is compatible with Google Chrome, Opera, and Firefox browsers and doesn't require any software download or installation

Top Features:
  1. Online Screen Recorder

  2. Transcription

  3. Video Summization

  4. Download

  5. Video to Text


1) Is ScreenApp screen and webcam recorder free?

Yes. Our screen and webcam recorder are free for all users for up to 1 hour. To start recording, sign up today for free.

2) How do I use the online screen recorder?

It’s really simple. First select your layout (screen only, webcam only or both) and select audio options. Then hit the red button, select what to share (entire screen, window or browser tab), and click "Share". You’ll see a countdown in the ScreenApp tab once you hit ‘Start recording’. To stop, just hit the red button again.

3) Can I transcribe my recording

Yes, you can trasncribe your videos instantly





Online Screen Recorder

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