Synthetic Users

Synthetic Users

Synthetic Users offer a revolutionary approach to user research by providing AI-generated participants for testing ideas and products. This cost-effective and swift method eliminates the challenges of traditional user research, such as time constraints, budget limitations, and the difficulties in recruiting respondents.

With Synthetic Users, you can simulate core product flows, optimize user journeys, discover effective product features, and prioritize your roadmap to ship products that resonate with users. The platform boasts a multi-agent architecture, providing rich and organic insights. Additionally, Synthetic Users enhance product conversion rates and funnel efficacy, harnessing proprietary synthetic personas engine and a large language model that yield insights on par with live human testing.

This innovative service offers a 7-day free trial, allowing teams to mitigate product risk and find winning concepts to validate market fit. All of this happens in minutes, not days. The platform allows you to target specific audiences, learning about customer preferences, and habits to optimize your product. Moreover, pricing is transparent and significantly more affordable compared to traditional methods.

Top Features:
  1. Synthetic Users: AI-generated participants streamline user research.

  2. Core Product Flows: Simulate and test core product flows with AI.

  3. Discovery Process: Harness AI for effective product feature discovery and journey optimization.

  4. Product Roadmap Prioritization: Determine which features to ship for maximum user appreciation.

  5. Conversion & Funnel Efficiency: Utilize the multi-agent architecture to better your product's conversion rate and funnel efficacy.


1) What are Synthetic Users?

Synthetic Users let you test your ideas or products with AI participants, aiding in faster and more cost-effective decision-making processes.

2) How do Synthetic Users improve the user research process?

They help you avoid the common limitations of traditional user testing such as time and budget constraints, and the difficulty of finding the right participants.

3) How does Synthetic Users ensure the quality of insights?

The platform uses a combination of a proprietary synthetic personas engine and a large language model to deliver insights quickly and on par with live testing.

4) How do I get started with Synthetic Users?

You can start with a 7-day free trial and book a demo call. The setup process is presented as swift and easy.

5) How accurate is the feedback from Synthetic Users compared to real human feedback?

Synthetic Users claims organic insight comparison with human feedback to be over 95% accurate, facilitating a highly reliable user research alternative.





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