Elevate your language learning experience with Trancy for Chrome, the extension transforming how you understand and practice up to 10 languages with powerful AI features. Dive into bilingual subtitles for popular platforms like YouTube and Netflix, enjoy a personalized reading mode, and translate full-text webpage content in a snap. Whether you need to master sentence structures or enrich your vocabulary with AI-powered word lookup, Trancy is your go-to solution. With convenient tools like listening and speaking practice, AI sentence segmentation, and customizable settings, language acquisition has never been so immersive and efficient. Compatible with a range of websites and boasting a user-friendly interface, get ready to learn languages anytime, anywhere. Enhance your proficiency with Trancy’s intelligent features!

Top Features:
  1. Bilingual Subtitles: Accurate subtitles translation for YouTube/Netflix enhancing listening and oral practice.

  2. Subtitle Reading Mode: Innovative mode for focused learning with video context summarized in adjustable text.

  3. AI Word Lookup: Quick definitions and example collections with OpenAI integration for vocabulary building.

  4. Full-Text Immersive Translation: Contextual understanding of webpage content with customizable translation engines.

  5. Custom Learning Tools: Personalize your language study with saved videos sentences and word highlights.





Language Learning
Bilingual Subtitles
AI Translation
Sentence Segmentation
Text to Speech


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