Transcript Download

Transcript Download

Unlock the full potential of your YouTube videos with Editby.AI's YouTube Transcription Tool. Our user-friendly platform caters to a range of users including students, researchers, content creators, and SEO professionals by providing an efficient way to generate accurate transcripts and captions. With our tool, there's no need for manual transcription. Simply input a YouTube URL and receive instant transcripts. Highlighted search terms, direct video position jumps, auto-scrolling features, and easy clipboard copying and downloading options streamline your workflow. Our commitment to user privacy is unmatched, requiring no sign-up or personal information. Enhance your productivity and save time with Editby.AI's transcription tool, all at no cost.

Top Features:
  1. Instant Transcripts: Paste a YouTube URL and receive transcripts instantly.

  2. Downloadable Transcripts: Easily download transcripts with a single click.

  3. Jump to Video Position: Navigate directly to specific video segments from the transcript.

  4. Autoscroll Transcripts: Enjoy synchronized transcripts that auto-scroll as the video plays.

  5. No Registration Needed: Access the transcription tool without any account or personal details.


1) What is the YouTube Transcription Tool?

Editby.AI's YouTube Transcription Tool is designed to effortlessly transform YouTube videos into text by generating accurate transcripts and captions instantly when you paste a YouTube URL.

2) Can I download transcripts of YouTube videos?

Yes, you can download the transcripts of the YouTube videos directly with a single click using our tool.

3) Does the transcription tool have a search feature?

Our transcription tool is equipped with a search feature that allows you to find specific words in the transcript, which are then highlighted in green.

4) Do I need to sign up to use the YouTube Transcription Tool?

No, there is no need to sign up or register to use the YouTube Transcription Tool, ensuring your privacy is valued.

5) How does the YouTube Transcription Tool save time?

Our tool saves you valuable time by eliminating the need for manual video transcriptions, providing both the ease-of-use for instant transcripts and the functionality to download them.





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