Unlock the power of language with Glarity, your indispensable Chrome extension for cross-language reading and writing support. Trusted by a thriving community of over 90,000 users, Glarity stands out as an ad-free ChatGPT-powered tool that offers comprehensive language assistance across various platforms such as YouTube, Google, Twitter, and more. Dive into seamless summarization features enabling you to condense YouTube videos, Google search results, and any webpage content with unparalleled ease. Revel in the convenience of side-by-side translations and cross-language summaries, supporting over 90 languages, to understand and create content in your mother tongue effortlessly. Glarity also simplifies email composition with its Gmail Email Assistant, letting users craft emails with minimal effort. With intelligent Q&A chat functionalities, you can interact and ask questions about current web pages or documents, mimicking the experience of chatting with a friend. Add Glarity to your browser today and transform how you read and write online!

Top Features:
  1. Efficient Summarization: Summarize videos search results tweets PDFs and webpage contents instantly.

  2. Side-by-Side Translation: Get instant translations with a mirrored display for easy comparison and understanding.

  3. Cross-Language Reading: Generate summaries in over 90 languages to read content in your native language.

  4. Writing Made Easy: Use the Gmail Email Assistant to swiftly compose email responses.

  5. Intelligent Q&A and Chat: Engage with current web pages or documents through intuitive and conversational AI chat.





Reading Assistant
Efficient Summarization
Cross-Language Translation
Content Summarization

Overall Rating:

5.0 🏆


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