Enter the immersive world of 2085.WORLD, the most challenging cyberpunk riddle game on the internet, inviting players to test their problem-solving skills and wits. In this dystopian future, Centrix, a groundbreaking AI company, has turned the world upside down with its superintelligent AI and the development of hybrid humans integrated with Centrix's Super AI. Players join a rebellion led by Conny, Blyde, and The Professor in the year 2084, with the goal to deactivate the Centrix AI.

Engage in a narrative-rich experience spread across eight meticulously designed levels ranging from a simple warm-up to complex challenges. Season 1 beckons with enigmas to solve, points to score, and a leaderboard to climb. Whether you're going solo or teaming up with others, prepare for an expedition of the mind that requires you to think outside the box.

While 2085.WORLD is free to play, additional hints and community access can be yours with a purchase of a premium package, ensuring you never face the digital frontier alone. Will you be the one to claim the Season Crown and change humanity's fate?

Top Features:
  1. Dynamic Sci-Fi Narrative: Engage in a compelling cyberpunk story of rebellion against a powerful AI.

  2. Eight Levels of Challenges: Test your intellect with eight unique levels that increase in difficulty.

  3. Community and Competition: Earn points, climb the leaderboard, and connect with fellow players.

  4. Premium Support Options: Get extra help and exclusive access with advanced premium packages.

  5. Accessible and Inclusive: Free to play with the option for additional assistance for those who desire it.


1) What is 2085.world?

2085.world is an online riddle game with a cyberpunk theme where players solve challenging puzzles set in a futuristic world. It's divided into seasons with eight levels each.

2) Is 2085.world free to play?

Yes, the game is free to play. In-game assistance and premium items are available for purchase if desired.

3) I'm stuck on a level in 2085.world, what should I do?

If you're stuck, consider using a search engine, discussing with other players, or buying premium assistance for hints.

4) Can I play 2085.world on mobile devices?

Although 2085.world is accessible on mobile devices, for a better experience, using a PC or laptop is recommended.

5) Is there a community or forum where I can discuss strategies and tips with other players?

Yes, there's a private Discord community for advanced premium package buyers, and players are encouraged to team up and build their own communities.





Riddle Game
AI Rebellion
Centrix AI
Season Crown
Online Adventure
Cyberpunk Online Riddle

Tech used:

Tailwind CSS


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