AccessiBe offers an AI-powered web accessibility solution to help businesses comply with various legal requirements, such as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), and similar regulations. The platform boasts a range of services and products, including web accessibility for developers, AI auditing, and monitoring tools like accessFlow, along with an AI-powered web accessibility widget called accessWidget. With features that ensure an inclusive web experience for users with disabilities, accessiBe emphasizes its competitive advantages against other accessibility tools, while prioritizing security and privacy.

One of the notable achievements highlighted is accessiBe's successful funding round, where they raised $58 million, demonstrating robust market confidence and an expanding demand for accessible web solutions. The company further supports clients with additional services like file and media accessibility, expert audits, user testing, and VPAT inspections, all seamlessly manageable via their Project Management Dashboard. AccessiBe's commitment to diversity and inclusion is showcased through its Unstoppable partner team, an initiative promoting awareness and inclusivity. They offer a comprehensive Agency Partner Program for freelancers and agencies to aid in the transition toward creating accessible websites for their clients.

Top Features:
  1. AI-Powered Web Accessibility: Utilizing artificial intelligence to automate compliance with web accessibility standards.

  2. accessFlow for Developers: A suite of tools designed to support developers in creating accessible websites.

  3. Comprehensive Monitoring: Continuous monitoring to ensure ongoing compliance with accessibility regulations.

  4. accessWidget Interface: An interface that enhances the user experience for individuals with disabilities.

  5. Expert Audit Services: Professional auditing and testing services to validate a website's accessibility standards.


1) What does accessiBe offer?

AccessiBe offers AI-powered solutions to help make websites compliant with various accessibility laws, such as WCAG 2.1, ADA, Section 508, and others.

2) How can I check if my website is WCAG or ADA compliant?

The company provides a free, professional web accessibility audit that lets you know the compliance status of your website.

3) Why did accessiBe raise $58 million in funding?

AccessiBe raised $58 million in funding due to the growing need for accessible websites and strong market demand for its solutions.

4) Does accessiBe have a Partner Program?

Yes, accessiBe runs a Partner Program for agencies and freelancers to help make their clients' websites accessible and compliant.

5) How can developers integrate accessiBe's solutions into websites?

Using accessFlow and accessWidget, developers can integrate AI-driven tools to enhance website accessibility for users with disabilities.





Web Accessibility
AI Auditing
ADA Compliance
WCAG 2.1
Section 508

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