Admaker by Picsart

Admaker by Picsart

Admaker by Picsart revolutionizes the way small businesses, agencies, and content creators craft compelling social media ads. This innovative AI-powered platform provides an all-in-one ad creation solution, making it simple for users to generate image advertisements with ease. Users can add text, remove backgrounds, crop, resize, and rotate images to perfect their designs. The AI technology excels in producing captivating ad copy, generating hashtags, crafting ad titles, and even translating text to reach a global audience. For those seeking inspiration, Admaker offers a prompt generator and an array of ad ideas. With a focus on efficiency and customization, Admaker by Picsart ensures that high-quality, target audience-focused ads are just a few clicks away, promising an effective marketing strategy with a potentially high return on investment.

Top Features:
  1. All-in-One Solution: Provides a comprehensive set of tools for creating social media ads using AI.

  2. Customization Options: Offers various features like background removal, resizing, and image rotation to personalize ads.

  3. Intelligent Ad Copy: Includes AI-driven tools for generating ad copy, ad titles, and hashtags.

  4. Multilingual Support: Comes with a translator feature to help create ads that cater to different language speakers.

  5. Easy-to-Use Interface: Designed to be user-friendly, allowing individuals without marketing or design experience to generate ads.


1) What is Admaker by Picsart?

Admaker by Picsart enables small businesses to swiftly create image ads for social media with AI-generated content.

2) What tools does Admaker offer for ad creation?

It includes tools for adding text, removing backgrounds, cropping, resizing, rotating images, and creating ad copy.

3) Does Admaker by Picsart support multiple languages?

Yes, the translator tool allows for ads to be made in various languages, expanding global reach.

4) Do I need design experience to use Admaker?

No specific design experience is required; the AI-powered features make it accessible to all users.

5) How does AI improve the ad creation process with Admaker?

The AI in Admaker takes out the guesswork and enables you to create appealing and effective ads quickly.





AI Ad Creation
Social Media Advertising
Image Editing
Ad Copy Generation
Ad Customization

Tech used:

Google Fonts
Google Analytics
Stable Diffusion


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