Altered Studio

Altered Studio

Altered Studio is a professional AI voice changer software and service that offers a range of features for media production, real-time communication, voice cloning, AI voice cleaning, and voice editing. With Altered Studio, users can change their voice to any of the carefully curated portfolio or custom voices, allowing them to create compelling and professional voice performances.

The platform provides exclusive access to unique speech-to-speech voice morphing technology, integrating various voice AI technologies into a user-friendly application for media production. It offers ultra-low latency voice morphing for voice chat, allowing users to change their vocal identity, accent, performance style, age, and gender while maintaining the tempo, inflection, and tonality of their delivery.

Altered Studio also offers real-time generative AI for voice creators, enhancing and augmenting human talent in the acting process. This fusion of traditional craft and technology sets a new standard for the audio industry, enabling voice creators to explore new frontiers in audio storytelling with voice puppeteering.

In addition to voice manipulation, Altered Studio provides premium services such as custom voice cloning, text-to-speech for narration, and AI voice cleaning to optimize voice recordings. The platform also offers features like transcription, translation, adding voice-overs, and real-time AI voice changer for voice chats on various communication platforms.

With Altered Studio, users can enhance their media projects with high-quality and realistic-sounding voices, transforming their creative expression and delivering truly immersive experiences for listeners worldwide.

Top Features:
  1. Voice Changer for Media Production: Change your voice to any curated or custom voice and create compelling professional voice performances.

  2. Real-Time Voice Morphing: Ultra-low latency voice morphing for voice chat allowing users to change their vocal identity accent performance style age and gender while maintaining tempo and tonality.

  3. Voice Cloning: Replicate a person's voice with just a few seconds of recordings creating personalized human-like voices tailored to your needs.

  4. Premium Text-to-Speech: AI-powered voices that sound just like real humans delivering natural and engaging narration for professional results.

  5. AI Voice Cleaning: Clean and optimize voice recordings by removing background noises voice fillers and mouth artifacts enhancing dialogue pacing.




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