Carrd is a platform designed for simplicity and ease that specializes in the creation of fully responsive, one-page websites for various purposes. Ideal for personal profiles, email capture landing pages, or more complex projects, Carrd offers a user-friendly experience, making one-page site development accessible to everyone.

With a simple interface, users can choose from dozens of templates or start with a blank canvas to customize their site. Every site created with Carrd is optimally responsive, ensuring a visually appealing layout on devices of all screen sizes, from phones to desktops. Carrd's core service is free, allowing users to build up to three sites per account with the fundamental features offered.

For those looking to enhance their experience, Carrd proposes an affordable Pro subscription. Pro features include custom domain support with SSL, additional sites, advanced forms, widgets and embeds, Google Analytics integration, and the option to remove Carrd's branding. With a commitment to affordability, Carrd's Pro option starts at just $19 per year, offering significant value for the upgrades provided.

Starting your journey with Carrd requires no initial signup, and you can explore its offerings through a 7-day free trial.

Top Features:
  1. Simple Interface: Start with a range of templates or a blank canvas to create your website.

  2. Responsive Design: Sites are optimized for every screen size, from phones to desktops.

  3. Free to Use: Build up to three sites with all core features at no cost.

  4. Pro Subscription: Access enhanced features like custom domains and no branding for $19/year.

  5. Third-Party Integrations: Embed custom codes and widgets from services like Stripe and PayPal.


1) What is Carrd?

Carrd is a free platform where users can build simple, fully responsive one-page sites for a variety of purposes, including personal profiles and landing pages.

2) How many websites can I create for free with Carrd?

You can build up to three sites per account using Carrd's core features for free.

3) What are the benefits of upgrading to Carrd Pro?

Pro features include custom domain support, increased site limits, advanced forms, removal of Carrd branding, and more.

4) Are websites made with Carrd responsive on mobile devices?

Yes, sites created with Carrd are designed to be responsive and look great on all devices.

5) What is the cost of Carrd Pro?

Carrd Pro starts at $19 per year, offering additional features for users who need more than the core offerings.





Fully Responsive
One-Page Websites
Personal Profile
Landing Page
Email Capture
Custom Domains
Google Analytics
No Branding

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5.0 🏆


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