Dollie introduces Control HQ, the future of WordPress management, designed to streamline the productivity of WordPress professionals. With an AI-powered platform, Dollie offers a comprehensive solution for managing WordPress sites, cloud hosting services, and customizable customer dashboards within a private cloud environment. Control HQ, the flagship offering, provides a unified control panel for maintaining all WordPress sites with features like uptime monitoring, performance analysis, and security scans.

Agencies and product creators can harness the power of Dollie's Hub Builder to develop unique storefronts and customer dashboards, enhancing onboarding and user experience. Furthermore, Dollie's Private Cloud enables businesses to offer cloud services directly to their clients, maintaining brand consistency and control over data and revenue streams. This tech-forward approach ensures improved productivity, increased revenue opportunities, and empowers users with greater control over their WordPress services.

Top Features:
  1. Control HQ: The next-generation headquarters to manage all WordPress sites from one beautiful control panel equipped with AI Assistants.

  2. Private Cloud: A dedicated private cloud for hosting client websites under your own brand and domain.

  3. Hub Builder: Allows for the creation of custom customer dashboards and service storefronts, complete with integrated billing and full control over design and access. -

  4. AI Assistants: Enhance productivity with AI Assistants that automate daily tasks and facilitate scalable site management.

  5. WordPress Business Evolution: Full suite of tools including uptime monitoring, security scans, and bulk plugin updates to elevate the WordPress experience.


1) What site management features does Control HQ provide?

Control HQ offers uptime monitoring, performance analysis, security scans, and bulk plugin/theme updates.

2) What is Dollie's Private Cloud?

Dollie's Private Cloud is a dedicated cloud service enabling users to host client sites under their own brand and domain, with full control over data and revenue.

3) Who can benefit from Dollie's Hub Builder?

Dollie's powerful plugin, adaptable for various use cases, is tailored to WP Product Creators, WaaS Builders, and experienced WordPress Agencies.

4) Can I offer cloud hosting services to my clients through Dollie?

Yes, with Dollie, you can provide cloud hosting services directly to your clients under your own brand and domain.

5) Is there a free version of Control HQ available and what does it include?

You can start using Control HQ for free with up to 15 sites. It is designed to be 100% free forever within this limit.





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