Easy Folders - ChatGPT & Claude Organizer

Easy Folders - ChatGPT & Claude Organizer

A simple and powerful tool to organize chats in ChatGPT and Claude. Create Folders, Search Chat History, Bookmark Chats, Switch Custom Instruction Profiles + more!

ChatGPT Easy Folders is an innovative browser extension designed specifically for enhancing the organizational capabilities of your interactions with ChatGPT and Claude by Anthropic. This tool offers an intuitive way to manage your AI chat experiences through the creation of folders and sub-folders, allowing for categorization based on different subjects, projects, or topics. With a keyword search feature, users can swiftly navigate their chat history to find conversations based on specific words in the chat titles or messages.

Additionally, automatic folders are created for interactions with any Custom GPTs, streamlining the process even further. Bookmarking chats is also an option, ensuring that you can quickly access vital conversations. With over 2,500 satisfied users, this extension is a must-have for anyone looking to optimize their ChatGPT usage. Furthermore, for those seeking advanced features like cloud sync across devices, multi-account support, custom instruction profiles, and more, the Superuser subscription is available with dedicated support.

Top Features:
  1. Create Folders & Sub-Folders: Organize chats into categories, projects, or any other grouping that suits your workflow.

  2. Keyword Search: Quickly find specific chats using keywords in titles and messages.

  3. Automatic Folders for Custom GPTs: Dedicated folders are created automatically for interactions with Custom GPTs.

  4. Bookmark Chats: Easily save and access important chats.

  5. Superuser Plans: Advanced features including cloud sync, multi-account support, and dedicated technical support.


1) Is my data safe?

Yes, your conversation data is stored locally on your device and doesn't leave your computer. For paid Superusers, folders are synced to the cloud for easy accessibility, but only unique chat IDs are required to maintain the folder structure.

2) How can I get started with ChatGPT Easy Folders?

You can install the extension by adding it to your Chrome browser. You can then create unlimited folders to organize your chats, use the keyword search, bookmark chats, and more.

3) Can I use this extension with Anthropic's models?

Yes, ChatGPT Easy Folders also works with Claude, the latest powerful model by Anthropic, offering seamless organization and chat history search capabilities.

4) What are the pricing options?

There are two main pricing tiers: Superuser Monthly at £6.99 GBP, offering rich features with monthly subscription, and Superuser Lifetime at £99.99 GBP, with access to all current and future updates on a one-time purchase basis.

5) How can I get support if I have questions?

For any inquiries, you can reach out for support via email at edmund@y-labs.ai.





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Chat Organization
Keyword Search
Automatic Folders
Bookmark Chats
Cloud Sync
Anthropic Models
Custom Instructions Profiles

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