EasySub is an online tool based on AI speech recognition technology. It uploads video and audio by users, and selects the original language of the video and the language to be translated for AI subtitle generation and AI translation. Uploading a video file online and transcribing it usually only takes a few minutes. EasySub also focuses on providing transcription and translation of long videos. Based on the AI algorithm team, EasySub's automatic subtitle generation and translation service has helped many video creators.

Top Features:
  1. More than 95% automatic subtitle accuracy.
  2. More than 150+ national language subtitles humanized AI translation.
  3. There is no upload limit, focusing on subtitle generation and translation for long videos and large file video and audio.
  4. Simple and fast operation platform, ready to use at any time.





AI translatorAI speech to textvideo editor speech recognition subtitle generation

Tech used:

AL AlgorithmsAI voice recognitionPHPWordPressAMPElementor

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