EmailMagic AI

EmailMagic AI

EmailMagic is the AI assistant that helps you write emails 10x faster. Let it be Your Digital Twin.

It Writes Emails Just Like You! is a powerful tool that can help you write emails quickly and easily. With its advanced analysis capabilities, can craft emails that sound like they were written by you! And the best part is, takes your privacy seriously and does not read your data, ensuring your information is always secure.

Whether you need to write 10 emails or 100, has a plan that can meet your needs. And if you're not happy with the content of an email, no problem!'s revision feature will generate new sentences up to 5 times to make sure you're completely satisfied and that your message is conveyed in the right tone.

You can trust to keep your data safe and secure. The AI model is trained using sample data that you provide, so your emails are not stored anywhere other than your own inbox. With a free trial account, you can experience the benefits of for yourself and see just how useful it can be!




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