Unlock the full potential of your reading with Emdash, the AI-powered tool designed to organize and enhance your book highlights. Emdash’s intuitive system enables you to not only remember the information you read but also to learn from it in a meaningful way. The software provides advanced features such as 'Conceptual Cousins', which locates similar ideas from different authors, offering you varied perspectives. Dive into your saved highlights with 'Instant Semantic Search' that goes beyond mere text matching, connecting the dots between complex thoughts.

With Emdash's user-friendly interface, organizing your thoughts is effortless through customizable tags, ratings, and personal annotations. Your reflections and notes can then be seamlessly exported back to your e-reader format for convenience. Embrace the serendipity of 'Roll the Dice' to rediscover forgotten ideas and gain new insights by rephrasing concepts with fresh metaphors. Designed as an open-source platform, Emdash ensures no lock-in, allowing easy import from Kindle or other formats, while keeping your data private with offline-first on-device analysis. Join the evolution of reading — all for free.

Top Features:
  1. Conceptual Cousins: Utilizes on-device AI analysis to find passages with similar themes across different authors.

  2. Instant Semantic Search: Offers both full-text and deeper semantic searches to locate precise ideas in your collection.

  3. Organize and Reflect: Tag rate and note capabilities to organize and annotate your thoughts effectively.

  4. Random Discovery Feature: 'Roll the dice' to uncover ideas you may have forgotten and gain new perspectives.

  5. Open Formats and Exporting: Easily import highlights and export back to various formats including epub with no data lock-in.





AI-Powered Organization
Book Highlights
Semantic Search
Personal Annotations


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