Сбер presents a cutting-edge Russian-language neural network that ushers in a new era of digital interaction. This breakthrough technology, an exclusive product of Сбер, is an epitome of multimodality in the neural networking space. It is proficient in executing a plethora of tasks that range from engaging in dialogues with users, answering questions with precision, to crafting both texts and images from verbal descriptions. The neural network's broad spectrum of capabilities is accessible not only to businesses but also to developers seeking to amplify their applications with unprecedented intelligence.

Among its notable features is the GigaChat – a conversational agent that harnesses the power of this technology. It simulates human-like interactions and offers solutions to creative prompts such as scripting sequences for popular animations. Additionally, businesses can integrate Sber's AI assistants named 'Салют' into their frameworks to refine customer engagement and automate routine tasks.

Top Features:
  1. Multimodal Neural Network: Provides a wide range of functionalities, including creating graphics and coding., -

  2. GigaChat Conversations: Capable of maintaining natural dialogues with users and generating creative content., -

  3. Business Solutions: Offers a multitude of products and services tailored for businesses and developers., -

  4. AI Assistant Integration: Companies can implement Салют assistants into their systems for enhanced interactions., -

  5. Free Neural Network Model: Allows users to try the neural network model directly in the browser.


1) What is the Сбер Russian-Language Neural Network?

A neural network from Сбер is designed to understand and process Russian language inputs, assisting users in tasks such as engaging in dialogues, answering questions, creating texts, and generating images based on descriptions.

2) What can the Сбер neural network be used for?

The neural network can be utilized for creating dialogues, writing code, generating ideas, automating routine tasks, and designing images and graphics.

3) What is GigaChat?

GigaChat is an intelligent assistant powered by Сбер's neural network, capable of natural and creative conversational interactions with users.

4) Is there a free neural network model available for trial?

Yes, there is a free version of the neural network model available that you can try directly in your web browser.

5) How can businesses and developers use the Сбер neural network?

Businesses and developers can use the neural network for a variety of applications, including integrating AI assistants named 'Салют' into their platforms for improved user experiences and process automation.




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