OpenChatKit by Togethercomputer is a cutting-edge open-source toolkit designed to catalyze the creation of specialized and general-purpose conversational AI models. Leveraging collaboration with Together, LAION, and, the OpenChatKit taps into the power of the OIG-43M training dataset to offer developers a solid foundation for developing high-quality language models.

This GitHub repository serves as a hub where you can contribute to and pull resources for building robust AI-driven chat applications. OpenChatKit features include instruction-tuned language models, capable of understanding and following specific user instructions; a moderation model to ensure safe and appropriate interactions; and a versatile retrieval system allowing for real-time, updated responses via custom repositories.

Top Features:
  1. Instruction-Tuned Models: Designed to interpret and execute specific instructions provided by users.

  2. Moderation Model: Ensures that interactions remain appropriate and within community guidelines.

  3. Retrieval System: Implements an advanced retrieval system for dynamic and updated responses.

  4. Open-Source Collaboration: Benefiting from the collaboration with Together, LAION, and

  5. OIG-43M Training Dataset: Utilizes a powerful dataset for optimizing conversational AI model performance.




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Language Model


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