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Same Day Skunkworks

Welcome to Same Day Skunkworks, the rapid prototyping division of AE Studio. This is your express ticket to breathing life into innovative ideas with our unique development methodology that promises astounding results within one day. Imagine having a dream for a digital solution – a product, an application, a service – and seeing it take shape almost instantly. That's what we offer at Same Day Skunkworks. With one developer dedicating a full day to your project, we guarantee a remarkable prototype that's ready to ignite the market.

Our approach is designed to provide you with a tangible version of your vision, delivering fast-paced creativity without compromising on quality. It's ideal for entrepreneurs, startups, and businesses looking to quickly test new concepts or accelerate the early stages of their product development. The formula is simple yet incredibly effective: one developer, one day, one amazing project. And to keep you informed and inspired, you can join our newsletter to receive the latest updates on our rapid MVP developments and get valuable tech insights directly to your inbox.

Don't just dream about innovation – make it a reality today with Same Day Skunkworks.

Top Features:
  1. Rapid Prototyping: Turn your ideas into reality with a dedicated team working to deliver a prototype in just one day.

  2. Innovation Unleashed: Our process is designed to foster creativity and out-of-the-box thinking for groundbreaking results.

  3. MVP Development: Quickly validate your product concepts with minimal investment and time using our focused development approach.

  4. Tech Insights: Keep up-to-date with the latest in tech and prototyping through our informative newsletter.

  5. Project Count: Benefit from our extensive experience with over NaN projects successfully completed and still counting.





Rapid Prototyping
MVP Development
Product Design
Tech Insights
Startup Acceleration
Express Development

Tech used:

Tailwind CSS


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