3DAiLY is your go-to online platform for creating AI-generated 3D models using cutting-edge technology from My3dMeta. Whether you are an artist or a game developer looking to produce production-ready characters, 3DAiLY offers a range of innovative 3D solutions.

With features like on-demand asset creation and Gen AI-powered character editor, you can personalize characters with ease. The marketplace allows you to buy and sell assets, contributing to a diverse digital ecosystem. Additionally, the integration of their SDK into your gaming or app projects can streamline the development process. Start building your perfect 3D character today with 3DAiLY's professional-grade tools.

Top Features:
  1. Multiple Separate Meshes: Get separate mesh for each asset added to the character.

  2. High-Quality Mesh: Generate top-tier mesh for effortless rigging and animation, ensuring professional results.

  3. Game-Ready Production: Generate characters and take them directly to your favorite game engine or 3D software.

  4. High-Detail, Optimized Characters: Choose the detail level that suits your needs.

  5. AI + Artist Collaboration: Combine the precision of AI with the creativity of artists to craft unique and high-quality assets.


1) What is 3DAiLY?

3DAiLY presents a platform for AI-generated 3D models, offering tools for creating 3D characters, props, and game assets.

2) Who can use 3DAiLY?

3DAiLY is used by both artists and game developers to create production-ready characters using AI technology.

3) Can users trade assets on 3DAiLY?

Yes, users can buy and sell assets through the 3DAiLY marketplace.

4) Does 3DAiLY have a character editor?

3DAiLY provides a customizable AI-powered character editor for seamless character creation.

5) How can I start using 3DAiLY?

You can start using the platform and trying its features by signing up for free on the 3DAiLY website.





AI-Powered 3D Modeling
On-Demand Asset Creation
Game Asset Marketplace
Character Editor
SDK Integration


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