Figflow is an innovative tool designed to simplify the process of creating user stories from design files. It's perfect for product owners, product managers, and product designers who want to save time and enhance collaboration in product development. With Figflow, you can convert your Figma design files into comprehensive product backlogs within minutes, streamlining your sprint planning and execution. This no-hassle solution empowers teams to focus on building, minimizing the tedious task of writing user stories and preparing for development sprints. Whether you're refining user stories for clarity, gathering product requirements, or ensuring that your design smoothly transitions into development, Figflow assists every step of the way. Get ready to enhance your workflow and join the waitlist today—no credit card required!

Top Features:
  1. User Stories Creation: Transforms Figma files into collaborative product backlogs in minutes.

  2. Manual Work Reduction: Refines user stories to streamline sprint planning and execution.

  3. Insights Gathering: Helps product managers easily collect product requirements and communicate with stakeholders.

  4. Design to Development Transition: Seamlessly generates user stories from Figma files for a smooth process.

  5. No Credit Card Required: Join the waitlist without any upfront payment requirement.


1) What does Figflow do?

Figflow converts Figma design files into structured product backlogs to improve sprint planning.

2) Who is Figflow for?

Product owners, product managers, and product designers can benefit from using Figflow.

3) Do I need a credit card to join the Figflow waitlist?

No, you can join the Figflow waitlist without requiring a credit card.

4) How does Figflow help in product development?

Figflow saves time and effort in writing user stories and preparing for development sprints.

5) How does Figflow facilitate team collaboration?

Figflow enhances team collaboration by providing clear user stories and accelerating cross-team communication.





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User Stories
Sprint Planning
Product Development
Design Integration


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