Zoviz: AI-Powered Logo and Brand Kit Design Made Simple

Zoviz revolutionizes the process of logo and brand kit creation with its AI-driven design tools. Catering to businesses of all sizes, Zoviz simplifies branding with a three-step process that ensures you get a professional and personalized logo without the usual hassle and time commitment.

How Zoviz Works:

  1. Input Your Brand Name: Start by entering your company name, industry specifics, and an optional slogan. This basic information sets the foundation for designs that resonate with your business identity.
  2. Choose Your Design Preferences: Next, select your desired style, color schemes, and additional visual elements. Zoviz’s advanced AI engine processes this information to generate a variety of logo options that match your specifications.
  3. Customize and Download Your Brand Assets: Once Zoviz presents you with logo options, pick the one that captures your brand’s essence. You can fine-tune your choice by adjusting fonts, colors, and layout. After perfecting your logo, download the brand assets tailored to your needs.

What Zoviz Offers:

Zoviz provides a comprehensive suite of branding materials to ensure your business presents a cohesive and professional image across all platforms:

  • Over 30 different logo files for various uses.
  • Customizable social media profiles and cover images.
  • Professionally designed business cards.
  • Coordinated letterheads.
  • An email signature that aligns with your brand style.
  • A favicon for your website.
  • A detailed brand book that guides you on how to consistently use your new branding elements.

With Zoviz, you have everything you need to launch or refresh your brand, backed by the power of artificial intelligence. Whether you’re starting a new venture or revamping an existing one, Zoviz makes branding straightforward, fast, and effective.

Top Features:
  1. AI-Driven Design: Generate logos tailored to your brand profile using an AI-powered logo maker.

  2. Intuitive Customization: Use a custom logo designer to modify fonts, colors, and symbols to perfect your logo.

  3. Immediate Downloads: Access quick, top-quality downloads of your logo designs in a variety of formats.

  4. Brand Kit Essentials: Obtain a complete brand kit, including business cards and social media profiles, for cohesive branding.

  5. Comprehensive Support: Benefit from professional assistance and unlimited logo changes for an optimal branding experience.


1) Which types of logos can I design with Zoviz Logo Maker?

Zoviz offers a range of logo types, including minimalist, illustrative, textured, and emblematic, tailored to your business identity.

2) Is Zoviz a free logo maker?

Zoviz provides a free design platform with basic functionalities. Upgrade options are available for advanced features.

3) Do I own my logo design?

You have full ownership of your logo design after creating it using Zoviz.

4) Do I get a transparent version of my logo?

Yes, Zoviz provides transparent logo versions in the premium packages for versatile use across various platforms.

5) How many data and what file formats are available for download?

Zoviz offers the ability to download your logo in PNG, PDF, and SVG file formats, catering to different marketing and branding needs.





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