Transform your customer support and business communications with, a unified platform designed to boost efficiency and elevate user engagement. empowers your team with a suite of tools perfect for growing your digital business.

Opt for a hassle-free approach with our easy-to-use, Telegram-integrated web applications. Enjoy the convenience of fully hosted applications, eliminating any concerns about infrastructure or extra costs—simply add your bot token and API key, and let handle the rest.

Our advanced chatbot software harnesses the power of natural language processing to deliver an exceptional conversational experience, offering relevant and helpful responses to your customers. Customize the chatbot to fit your unique business needs and provide a consistent customer experience across various platforms.

Increase your sales potential with our live chat software. When live assistance is readily available on your webpage, it has been shown to significantly improve purchase rates. Engage visitors proactively and turn them into opportunities with automated messages.

Finally, streamline your team's communication with our shared inbox feature. Manage, prioritize, and delegate tasks efficiently and say goodbye to the hassle of sifting through endless email threads. is your one-stop solution for taking control of your business operations.

Top Features:
  1. Streamlined Customer Support: offers a shared inbox and chat solutions to centralize and enhance customer interactions.

  2. Telegram Integration: Easily integrate your digital tools with Telegram for a unified workflow.

  3. Automated Messaging: Send proactive messages to web visitors and convert them into sales opportunities.

  4. Advanced Chatbot: Leverage natural language processing for accurate user query responses and tailor the chatbot to your business needs.

  5. No Infrastructure Worries: All applications are fully hosted on the platform saving you from additional infrastructure costs.




Workflow Tool
Customer Support
Seamless Integration
Automated Messaging
Single Platform


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