Dante ai

Dante ai

Build a GPT-4 chatbot in minutes. Train the AI, customize, and embed on your website. Zero coding.

Top Features:
  1. Create powerful AI knowledge bases

  2. Accessible and easy to use

  3. Share your AI chatbot


1) What is Dnate

Dante is an AI model builder that creates a personalized AI chatbot trained on your data. With Dante, you can easily upload most types of files or share a website link, images and videos, and our platform will generate an intelligent chatbot capable of providing deep insights related to your content.

2) Where is my data is stored?

At Dante, we prioritize the security of your data, which is why we only store the content on secure and encrypted AWS servers. We cannot read or access your documents.

3) What should my data look like

You have the flexibility to upload multiple filetypes, paste text, insert a URL or use videos to create a unique chatbot.

4) How can I add Dante to my website

Transform your website with Dante. Adding it is easy: simply train your custom AI model and choose whether you want to embed an iframe or add a chat bubble to the bottom right of your website.





Tech used:

Artificial Neural Network


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