Jurny is a platform that aims to revolutionize the hospitality industry by integrating AI and automation. Their mission is to usher hospitality into the age of AI and automation.

They offer a comprehensive one-stop property management solution designed to elevate short-term rental operations. With Jurny's state-of-the-art guest mobile app, guests can have full control over their stay.

The platform boasts the industry's most potent AI named "Nia" which aids in automating guest communication, review management, and content creation. Jurny simplifies the process for property managers by integrating the best providers, eliminating the need for hours of research and integration.

Several testimonials from CEOs, founders, and entrepreneurs highlight the platform's efficiency, especially its AI tool, Nia, which provides a more human touch to guest experiences. Additionally, Jurny offers various customizable plans catering to different needs and is proudly featured in notable publications.

Top Features:
  1. One-Stop Property Management Solution: A comprehensive tool that consolidates all property management needs, streamlining operations for short-term rentals.

  2. Guest Mobile App: An innovative application that empowers guests with full control over their stay, enhancing their overall experience.

  3. Jurny's AI Nia: A cutting-edge AI system designed to automate guest communication, review management, and content creation, ensuring efficient and personalized interactions.

  4. Integrated Service Providers: Jurny has pre-integrated with top industry providers, saving property managers countless hours of research and integration efforts.

  5. Customizable Plans: Jurny offers a range of plans tailored to different needs, ensuring flexibility and scalability for property managers.




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