Bland AI

Bland AI

Bland AI Phone Calling Platform is a versatile solution designed to create AI-driven phone agents that can automate various telephony tasks at scale.

It provides users with the ability to craft and deploy intelligent phone agents swiftly, utilizing the platform's robust API and no-code options via Zapier.

Bland AI emphasizes user-friendly integration and seamless operation, offering a range of capabilities including live call transfers, dynamic data injection during calls, and a library of human-like voices.

This service is ideal for various industries including healthcare, real estate, and logistics, aiming to enhance customer engagement and operational efficiency.

You can get started for free and experience the power of AI in telephony without writing extensive amounts of code.

Top Features:
  1. Live Call Transfers: Allows for calls to be redirected to human operators based on predefined conditions.

  2. Live Context: Integrates with external APIs to inject live data into ongoing calls to enrich interactions.

  3. Human-like Voices: Offers a selection of voices or the option to create a custom voice clone for various languages.

  4. Enterprise-Grade Capabilities: Offers dedicated infrastructure to ensure reliability even during high call volumes.

  5. Industry Solutions: Provides tailored solutions to automate phone calls in sectors like healthcare and logistics.


1) What is Bland’s pricing?

Bland costs $0.12/minute, only for connected calls, billed to the exact second.

2) Does Bland work outside the US?

Bland’s infrastructure works within the United States by default, but it can configure custom infrastructure for international enterprises.

3) Can I create a phone agent that speaks non-English languages?

Yes, using Bland’s voice cloning functionality, you can create a voice for any language.

4) If I’m not a developer, can I still use Bland?

Yes, if you aren’t a developer, you can integrate Bland using plugins like Zapier or Make.

5) How many phone calls can Bland handle at any given time?

Bland can handle thousands of phone calls at once and will provide dedicated infrastructure to scale further.




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