AdutorAI harnesses advanced AI technology to convert spoken words into clear, error-free text, making it an essential tool for creating structured notes, emails, tweets, or social media posts. With the capability to process audio clips up to 3 minutes in length, it caters to quick meetings, interview snippets, or any short audio needs.

AdutorAI not only transcribes but also provides a suite of tools for reviewing, organizing, and styling the generated text. It promotes increased efficiency with features like summarization, translation, and restyling, allowing users to customize their output as desired. The intuitive interface ensures ease of use from recording to saving transcriptions, with options to adjust notes for length and style.

The continuous learning algorithms guarantee improvements in transcription quality over time, ensuring that AdutorAI remains on the cutting edge of speech-to-text technology.

Top Features:
  1. Audio to Clear Text: AdutorAI converts spoken words into clear and error-free text.

  2. Edit Note: Customize and refine transcriptions with an intuitive editing feature.

  3. Summarize: Generate time-saving summaries that capture key points and essential information.

  4. Translate: Break language barriers with AI-powered translation into multiple languages.

  5. Write in Different Styles: Adjust the text style to suit different purposes and preferences.


1) What is AdutorAI?

AdutorAI is an advanced AI-powered tool that transforms speech into clear, well-structured text that can be used for various applications such as notes, emails, tweets, or posts.

2) How long can audio clips be for processing with AdutorAI?

AdutorAI can process audio clips up to 3 minutes in length, making it suitable for quick meetings and interviews.

3) Can I translate my notes into different languages using AdutorAI?

Yes, with AdutorAI's translation feature, you can easily translate your notes into multiple languages accurately.

4) Can I compare the generated text with the original audio using AdutorAI?

Yes, AdutorAI allows you to compare the generated text with the original audio transcript for accuracy.

5) Does AdutorAI improve its transcription quality over time?

The advanced algorithms of AdutorAI learn and improve daily, ensuring high-quality transcription over time.




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