Agenda Runner

Agenda Runner

Agenda Runner is an innovative AI-powered tool designed to streamline the task of creating meeting agendas. It allows users to quickly generate comprehensive agendas for various types of meetings, providing a free and efficient solution to organize discussions and enhance productivity.

With Agenda Runner, individuals and businesses can describe their meeting, including general details and specific topics, and with a simple click, a public meeting agenda is created. It's important to note that since the agendas are public, no private data should be included.

The platform offers a glimpse of recently created agendas, showcasing its versatility across different industries such as technology, education, and real estate. Agenda Runner is a product of BoardShape and emphasizes user-friendly tools for effective meeting management accessible to anyone.

Top Features:
  1. Quick Agenda Creation: Build meeting agendas rapidly using AI assistance.

  2. Free to Use: There is no cost involved in building agendas.

  3. Public Accessibility: Agendas created are available for public access, facilitating easy sharing.

  4. Versatile Use Cases: Apt for various meetings including business strategies, education, and real estate.

  5. BoardShape Product: Brought to users by BoardShape, ensuring reliable and quality tools.


1) What is Agenda Runner?

Agenda Runner is a tool that helps you build meeting agendas quickly using AI, without any cost.

2) How do I create an agenda with Agenda Runner?

You can build your agenda by describing your meeting with general details and specific topics and clicking the 'Build Agenda' button.

3) Are the agendas I create with Agenda Runner accessible to others?

Yes, when you build an agenda, it is made publicly accessible and can be viewed by anyone.

4) Can I include private or confidential information in the agendas I create?

To keep the information secure, do not include any private data in your agenda since it will be public.

5) What types of meetings is Agenda Runner suitable for?

Agenda Runner can be used for a variety of meetings, including tech company strategy discussions, educational sector AI implementation, real estate sales, and more.




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