AI Badge

AI Badge

AI Badge offers a solution for those utilizing AI-generated imagery to easily declare their use with a universally recognizable badge. Acknowledge the artificial intelligence behind your images by adopting a simple, yet effective badge system, which is free to use and designed to enhance transparency. This initiative encourages users to attach a badge, at least 5% of the image width and a minimum of 50px, ideally placed at the bottom-right corner.

The creator, Jay Sitter, a developer and designer from Cambridge, Massachusetts, has offered this tool under a CC0 1.0 license, making it accessible for anyone to use and implement. It's a step toward a more honest internet, where content is clearly marked for its origins, ensuring users know when they're seeing AI-generated visuals.

Top Features:
  1. Freedom of Use: The badge can be used in various ways, without restrictions.

  2. Design Guidelines: Specific size and placement recommendations for consistency.

  3. Transparency: Enables users to easily disclose the use of AI in creations.

  4. Universal Design: Aiming for a widely recognizable marker across media platforms.

  5. Open Licensing: Distributed under the CC0 1.0 license, encouraging widespread adoption.





AI Badge
AI Imagery
Jay Sitter
Cambridge Massachusetts
CC0 1.0 License


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