Duckie is an advanced AI Assistant designed to enhance the capabilities of support teams across various sectors. Functioning as the ultimate support tool, Duckie significantly empowers support teams by providing instant access to product knowledge and technical expertise. With features that include consolidated internal knowledge, integrated troubleshooting tools, and autonomous investigation, Duckie streamlines the customer support process.

It reduces ticket resolution times and minimizes the need for escalations to engineering teams. The platform's ability to integrate with commonly used support platforms such as Slack, Zendesk, and more, allows for seamless operation within a team's existing workflow. Furthermore, Duckie utilizes AI to ensure that customers receive fast, accurate responses, which dramatically boosts customer satisfaction.

The tool is trusted by some of the fastest-growing SaaS companies worldwide. Adopting Duckie frees up valuable engineering time and enhances overall efficiency within customer and technical support divisions.

Top Features:
  1. Empower Your Support Team: Provides support teams with the tools to handle support issues independently and swiftly.

  2. Reduce Resolution Time: Accelerates the ticket resolution process with comprehensive AI assistance.

  3. Enhance Customer Satisfaction: Implements efficient and accurate responses through informed support.

  4. Consolidated Internal Knowledge: Offers support teams quick access to relevant documentation and past resources for faster problem-solving.

  5. 25+ Integrations: Ensures seamless functionality across common platforms like Slack and Zendesk.


1) What does Duckie do for support teams?

The AI Assistant Duckie equips support teams with product knowledge, technical skills, and investigatory assistance to resolve customer support queries without the constant need for engineering input.

2) How much can Duckie reduce ticket resolution time?

Support teams using Duckie can resolve tickets up to 10 times faster than without it, thanks to end-to-end AI assistance.

3) Which integrations does Duckie support?

Duckie connects with a wide variety of platforms such as Slack, Zendesk, and more, ensuring support teams can use it within their existing workflow.

4) How does Duckie enhance customer satisfaction?

Duckie helps deliver quality support with fast and accurate responses, which leads to increased customer satisfaction.

5) Can Duckie be used on different platforms?

Duckie has 25+ integrations with the most commonly used tools by support teams, enabling it to be used wherever the team is already working.




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Customer Support
Ticket Resolution
Technical Expertise
Product Knowledge
Customer Satisfaction
Autonomous Investigation
Team Efficiency

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