Spikes Studio

Spikes Studio

Spikes helps creators extract captivating shorts from any video. Automatically get a title, description, hashtag recommendations, auto-captions, AI styling and quickly edit. Grow and give your audience more of you for a fraction of the time and cost!

Trim. Edit. Share. Repeat!

Our AI improves with every Use Our AI does not just work for you, it learns from you. With every interaction, it gains insights into your unique needs and personalizing its services. This is more than just an algorithm.

Direct downloads to your phone You can download your clips directly via QR code to your phone or send them to your Twitter, WhatsApp, Email, Facebook, or Telegram account

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Top Features:
  1. We ensures that your highlights maintain their original quality for the best viewing experience.

  2. In addition to being able to upload ANY video, your broadcasts are automatically processed, ready for review at the end of your stream.

  3. flexible and automatic up to word-level precision.

  4. Advanced Swift editing bringing your vision to life.

  5. Relevant hashtags and descriptions, enhancing discoverability & engagement.


1) Is Spikes Studio free?

Yes, Spikes offers a free plan that renews every month without requiring a credit card. Additionally, users have the flexibility to upgrade their plan whenever they choose.

2) How does Spikes select my moments?

Spikes AI is like a smart friend who analyzes community behaviour, sound, video, and even notices your gameplay. It takes all of these things into account to do its job. As you keep using it, it gets better at showing you what you want.

3) Does Spikes add watermark to the videos?

Absolutely not! We understand the importance of maintaining the integrity and professionalism of your content. Therefore, we do not use watermarks on any videos, not even in our free plan. We believe in providing our users with a seamless and unobtrusive experience, allowing them to showcase their creativity and ideas without any distractions.

4) What types of content does Spikes support?

Spikes is a flexible platform tailored to creators of all content types. Regardless of your preference - whether it is casual chats, sports, gaming, ASMR, or any other genre, Spikes has got you covered.

5) Am I able to upload my own Twitch clips and files from my computer?

At present, Spikes allows you to search and edit Twitch clips to your liking. We are continually enhancing our features and will soon provide the ability to upload and edit files directly from your computer as well.




Generative AI Productivity AI Video Auto-Caption Auto Editing

Tech used:

Computer Vision NLP Generative AI Python ML JS React

Overall Rating:

5.0 🏆


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Amazing editor with tons of features! Was really useful to cut down my editing time
Best tool ever!
This product is a game-changer, saving me so much time. The precision of auto captions is impressive!

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