Dola AI | Your Ultimate AI Agent Calendar Sidekick

Dola AI | Your Ultimate AI Agent Calendar Sidekick

Dola is an advanced AI-powered calendar assistant designed to manage your personal and group schedules effortlessly through text, voice commands, pictures, and natural language interpretation. Powered by GPT-4, this intuitive assistant streamlines the task of organizing your schedule, accommodating for complexities like voice and image inputs, and ensuring a stress-free calendar management experience.

By syncing with your existing Google and Apple calendar systems, Dola offers seamless integration, all the while keeping your agenda on track with intelligent reminders and group chat coordination. Whether preparing for an end-of-year report or setting time aside for social activities, Dola handles it all with just a few straightforward commands.

In the dynamic world of personal organization and time management, Dola stands out as your ultimate AI agent - ready to chat your way to a more organized life.

Top Features:
  1. 🤹 Multi-Modal Interaction: Manage calendar events effortlessly by sending chats, images, or voice messages to Dola. Your inputs are transformed into organized plans and alerts.

  2. AI-Powered Alerts: Get personalized reminders in your messaging app, with options to enhance notifications through syncing with Google or iOS calendars.

  3. ⚡️ Simplify Complex Schedules: Tackle intricate calendar tasks with simple chats.

  4. 📲 No Download Required: Integrate Dola directly within iMessage, WhatsApp, Telegram, or Line to convert chats into schedules instantly.

  5. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Group Chat Assistant: Incorporate Dola in your Telegram and Line group chats for seamless event management, enabling easy add, edit, cancel, or search of events.

  6. 🔄 Seamless Sync: Ensure your calendar alerts are synchronized across all devices by linking Dola with your Google or iOS calendar.

  7. 🆓 Free Access: Enjoy the beta version of Dola at no cost, with no hidden fees.


1) Who Benefits from Dola AI?

Dola AI is a versatile tool benefiting a wide range of users, including executives and senior managers for schedule optimization, executive assistants for increased efficiency, individuals seeking productivity boosts, work and family groups for better coordination, and friends for planning social events.

2) What Sets Dola AI Apart?

Dola AI, developed by leading engineers, stands out due to its continuous improvements, with over 100 updates in the past 45 days aimed at refining its functionality. It promises a seamless experience and is committed to advancing AI agent technology for complex tasks using natural language.

3) Where to Access Dola AI?

Dola AI is available on iMessages, WhatsApp, Telegram, and Line.

4) How do I add events with Dola?

You can simply talk to Dola or send it a message, and it will set calendar events in seconds, understanding even complicated inputs.

5) Can Dola send reminders for group activities?

Yes, by inviting Dola to your chat group, it can provide group reminders and update the group calendar instantly with any changes.

6) Can Dola sync with my current calendar app?

Yes, Dola supports syncing with both Google Calendar and Apple Calendar.

7) How easy is it to cancel events with Dola?

To cancel events, all you need to do is command Dola with a simple instruction, and it will handle the cancellation without the need for repeating previous details.




AI Calendar Assistant
Natural Language Processing
GPT-4 Empowered
Group Scheduling
Personal Organization
AI Agents

Tech used:

Tailwind CSS
Google Analytics
Google Workspace


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