Littlecook is a revolutionary app designed to help you transform everyday ingredients into delicious dishes, minimizing food waste and maximizing your pantry's potential.

With Littlecook, you'll be empowered to create delectable and healthy meals using the ingredients you already have at home. It offers a user-friendly interface that allows you to track what's in your pantry, plan meals efficiently, and shop smarter.

The built-in tracking system ensures that you use every bit of food before it expires, while the meal planning feature helps alleviate the question of what to cook next.

The Littlecook app also assists in maintaining a nutritious diet by providing recipes that cater to your health goals, whether you're trying to lose weight, build muscle, or eat healthier.

Top Features:
  1. Unlock Recipes: Discover new recipes using ingredients you already own to save on shopping and reduce waste.

  2. Track Pantry: Keep tabs on your pantry items and use them before they spoil, avoiding unnecessary waste.

  3. Meal Planning: Streamline your meal planning process with a few taps, ensuring tasty and healthy meals all week.

  4. Nutrition Goals: Support your dietary objectives with recipes tailored to your health goals.

  5. Shop Smart: Make shopping lists more efficiently and economically while contributing to less food waste.


1) How much could I save using Littlecook?

Littlecook helps you save up to £12 weekly, £52 monthly, and £624 yearly by efficiently using the ingredients you already have.

2) Does Littlecook offer recipes based on ingredients I already have?

Yes, the app provides recipes based on the current contents of your pantry.

3) What subscription plans does Littlecook offer?

Littlecook offers three subscription plans: Free, Premium at £4/month, and Unlimited at £8/month.

4) Can Littlecook help with weekly meal planning?

The app helps you plan out your entire week of meals, making meal planning convenient and stress-free.

5) Does Littlecook help with meeting dietary and nutrition goals?

Yes, Littlecook provides nutritional guidance by suggesting recipes that fit your specific dietary needs.





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Meal Planning
Food Waste Reduction
Healthy Recipes
Pantry Management

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